Interaction Gallery
Select an interaction template, tweak it with desired content & style,
assign rules and generate script for your webpage

Ask a Question?
Pop a question & collect insights from your browsing visitor.
Questions are the easiest of interaction types, as the audience are done with a single click

Know their choices
Present multiple answers and gather tags for recommendation
Present a poll with multi-select option which makes it easy for your audience to just select his options.

Ask an opinion
Present an opinion poll and gather responses
Present a single-select poll to gather opinions of the browsing visitor which can be used for targeted campaigns

Identify Visitors
Identify your anonymous visitor quickly.
Enable a pop form for unidentified visitors and capture email addresses, so that offers and announcements can be notified

Lead Generation
Present a lead form for repeat visitors with intent.
Present a form to anonymous repeat visitors with high intent score so that you can address their specific needs quickly, leading to conversion.

Prospect Engagement
Understand more from your prospect when he is online
When your prospect is online, it is your best chance to engage and gather insights for your subsequent conversion campaign.

Quick Survey
Pop a 3 step quick survey to your customer
Pop a survey to your customer segment to understand purchase preferences or to get feedback

Allow your customer to rate products
Show Rating scale for customers who have already used your product and gather insights about their views about the products..
Chat with your visitors when online
Chat with your visitors, when online and help them find products quickly. Use the panel to show product images & build amazing experiences
Entice your prospect with a video.
You can pop relevant product videos based on groups and monitor which user has responded to the video

Show your SlideShare presentations
If your visitor is looking for a specific product information, turn on triggers to display slideshare presentations for these visitors only

Facebook Audience
Allow your visitors to connect with on Facebook
Add your Facebook code snippet and show it visitors, who are not connected to you on Facebook, and invite them to your social groups.

Display tweets for frequent visitors
Display tweets to users who are constantly looking for content about your service or products.

RSS Feeds
Display new articles from your blog
Engage your website visitor with the new articles, published on your Wordpress blog.

Test an Offer
Run a variate test to test your offer message
Upload your offer variants and test what works best with your customer segment

Custom Banner
Show an unique banner based on responses
Display custom banners to your prospects or customers and move them back to the goal path

Custom HTML
Show HTML Snippet with multiple links
Add your HTML snippet to the container and display custom content to your customer segment

Custom Form
To create a custom form from scratch, you will need to login to Plumb5 Leads Dashboard. Click to sign up.





How it works
It's simple. Select your interaction type, set your content and conditions
and generate an <embed script/> and add to your pages

Select your audience group and assign an interaction type
Upload messages or tag content to the interaction type
Generate script and add it to your pages and witness the rise in responses

What else?
All changes and updates can be managed from the Plumb5 dashboard,
making it easy for marketers to configure all by themselves
Set rule based workflows to your interactions so that
engagements are continuous till goal completion
Integrated with email and social messaging
so that your message reaches them, if your prospects/customers are not online





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