Mobile Marketing

Discover, Strategise & Manage your App portfolio using Plumb5 Mobile SDK.


Personalize your engagement by enabling real time feedback from other touch points to create messages that connect more strongly with recipients. Personalization can increase message relevancy, engender trust and enhance appeal.

Push Notification

Enable a chance of instant communication with customers and prospects. Increase traffic,Foster Engagment and get insights on customer behavior

Personalised native in-App Messaging

Engage users throughout the user life-cycle with in-app NATIV messaging. Use Plumb5 in-app message designer to create NATIV banners or Forms easily

Smart Triggers & Deep-linking

Personalise deep-linking using plumb5 user behaviour parameters and Rule Engine, taking users to the relevant content immediately from the push notification or in-app message.Create Standard, Deferred & Contextual Deep-linking using Plumb5.