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Insights, KPIs and Flows. All of them in one box.
Integrating Plumb5 helps in analyzing your store across all three entities; Product Sales, Customers and Channels. The marketer can monitor customer journeys, right from the first visit till their last purchase and can further set rules to segment visitors/customers to enable conversion workflows.

Unified Customer Profile

By plugging Plumb5, you can visualize your customer's activity by their clickstream, source, interactions, responses along with demographic and social preferences.

This enables you to get deeper insights about a single customer where personalized campaigns can be triggered based on their overall attributes

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Interaction Scoring

Assign scores for every interaction parameters, spanning sources, URLs, recency, frequency, events, depth and time spend, enabling auto segmentation of visitors based on their behavior

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Create cohorts based on transactions, behavior, interactions or sentiments and generate insights, which can be applied on conversion campaigns

You can create cohorts using multiple parameters and assign workflows to these cohorts to stage the user to the next conversion stage

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Real-time Conversions

As interaction scoring and segmentation is done in real-tme, you can enable workflows to engage customers, when they are online at a touch-point.

Real-time conversion workflows has increased conversion rate by 220% in comparison to latent campaigns


Integrate transaction data and segment customers based on purchases and product affinity.

Run rule-based retention campaigns or offer campaigns to these customer segments

This integration also helps in aligning data required for monitoring customer spends.

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Analyzing Channel Spends

By tagging purchase data to sessions, you can measure the conversion on each of your campaigns and determine the effectiveness of your investments on individual channels.

You can also apply attribution models to understand channel contributions en route to purchase.

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Acquisition Costs

You can monitor your acquisition spends by enabling the customer statement app, which aligns every visitor's interaction by the amount spent. So this will enable you to track your spend on your leads/prospects, prior to your conversion campaign.

As the app maintains the interaction history, till the last purchase, you can even monitor retention costs and get insights on buying cycle, frequency and current status of profitabililty

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Goals and Funnels

Create Goal paths and enable triggers and workflows to attract visitors to a particular conversion path. You can further measure the effectiveness of each goal path and segment drop-outs by stage, to assign a follow-up campaign.

Set workflows for drop-outs and engage them back to the conversion path.

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Product Performance

Sync your product list and understand the sales potential based on views, interactions, drop-outs and successful purchases.

Create custom segments for visitor's who have frequented to your product page and run custom conversion campaigns

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Interactions & Engagement. Quick & Easy
You can now enable your store for some real time action as you can quickly configure customer interaction tools and optimize your conversion cycles. The tools are seamlessly integrated to enable access to segmentation and behavior data. All interaction data recorded at the tool level is tagged back to the customer unified profile for lifecycle analysis and insights.

Online Chat

Enable SIte Chat on your store by inserting a simple embed script along with your tracking scripts

Integration allows you to set up personalized messages to customers or a particular customer segment

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Engagement Scripts

Create scripts to enable interaction or display personalized content by tagging available customer segments

The marketer can quickly create forms, assign themes and rules and publish it on the store

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You can work with us and connect your existing CRM apps or POS apps to enrich your customer profile. If you are using Sales Force, then we have a ready connector

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Email Management

Sync customer list with Plumb5 contacts and start your email communication from Plumb5 dashboard. The big advantage is that you can follow your mail recipients right through his clickstream

The mail responses is in turn tagged back to the customer profile

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Social Messaging

With the available customer list, you can look up for their social profiles and send invitations to connect for all available public profiles

You can further send personalized messages to their social inbox

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Conversion automation

Automate your conversion campaigns on your store
Integrating Plumb5 to your store enables automation on your store. You can setup workflows to automate lead generation, lead conversion and retention campaigns, by using rules and scores. This enables constant communication with the audience on both web and email touch-points

Lead Conversion

Illustrated below is an example of lead conversion workflow (first purchase), where automation is implied from the first communication using a qualified mailing list, till the stage where the goals are met. The automation can be configured to escalate after a set number of attempts to minimize drifting prospects

Lead Generation Automation

You can also setup workflows for generating leads from unknown visitors, resulting from Search or Referral Campaigns.

You can use the behavior and site interaction parameters to arrive at insights about the visitor which can further utilized for enticing the visitor to disclose his identity and intent.

Based on past cases, our customers have increased their lead generation effectiveness by 120%

Retention Automation

You can set different workflows to either remarket a product or to understand purchase behavior or to get product feedback

You can enable different triggers for customer segments and enable alerts and notifiers for drifting customers or risky customers

Identify popular purchase paths and enable workflows to route customer segments in the desired paths for higher optimization



Integrate Plumb5 with your store software in quick steps

You can integrate Plumb5 to your store on MagentoGo or to the community framework

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions

Activating Magento API/Web Services to access data

Download the extension here

How to enable the extension on your Prestashop store

Activating Prestashop API/Web Services to access data

Integrating with BuildaBazaar store

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions

Import Product List (Manual)
Plumb5 App available on Shopify marketplace

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions on Shopify

Activating Shopify API/Web Services to access data

Integrating with Zencart webstore

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions

Import Product List (Manual)

Integrating with Octashop store

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions (Review Pending)

Import Product List (Manual)

Integrating with your BigCommerce Store

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions on BigCommerce

Activating BigCommerce API/Web Services to access data

Integrating with a Volusion store

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions on Volusion

Activating Volusion API/Web Services to access data (Review Pending)

Integrating with OSCommerce

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions on OSCommerce

Import Product List (Manual)



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