Interactive Site Chat

Engage with your customers on social pages

Making Live Chat more interactive and effective.

The Live Chat app on Plumb5 is pre-integrated to the platform which makes it easy for chat agents to get real-time customer insights and improve effectiveness in their chat conversations. Chat requests can be quickly routed to pertinent agents, based on visitor information like customer, lead or anonymous user. You can trigger chat messaging based on rules and engage a high intent prospect by starting a conversation.


Chat rooms
Chat rooms offer chat agents with past transcriptions and behavioral insights to effectively manage chat sessions. To address visitors instantly, users can configure desktop or mobile notifications. A round robin assignment workflow makes it easy to transfer chat request among agents.
Facilitates the chat agent with an additional panel to show any relevant product images or videos, making the chat more interactive and effective.
Rules and Triggers
Invoke fresh chat conversation based on rules and conditions. Trigger a conversation based on page depth or time spend or even a different agent to address different kinds of audience like customers or prospects.
Integrated Insights
Integrated insights not only provide customer intelligence to chat agents but also reveal customer sentiments and intent along with other browsing parameters so that effective strategies can be implemented for subsequent conversations.
Agent Performance
Get complete report on agent activity and their conversion metrics along with agent work load reports and optimization metrics.